The silly reason why the Lamborghini Huracán is my dream car

Though rumored to be replaced in late 2024, the timeless and reliable Huracán will surely hold its value for years to come (much to my chagrin). (Photo courtesy of Adrian Dorobantu)

I love the Huracán: It’s face-peeling quick, surprisingly comfortable and timelessly elegant, like a Renaissance painting.

But none of these are reasons I chose it as my vaulted when-I-win-the-lottery car. Rather, it’s one of the baby Lambo’s least celebrated qualities: its stunning reliability. The Huracán is the only modern supercar with zero recalls during its entire production run (the Mercedes AMG-GT had 18) and the Bitcoin zillionaires who drive them call them “The Toyota Camry of supercars.”

Sure, reliability may sound like a mundane metric for an Italian missile – but what good is a dream car that becomes a reliability nightmare?

– Chris Butsch, Contributor